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Yoel Hoffmann, The Heart is Katmandu

blue false indigo (baptisia)

blue false indigo (baptisia)



as grassfire as myself
as mirror as is
as never as this
- Harryette Mullen, Wipe that Similie off your Aphasia  (via viperslang)


thoughts churn guts churn wind churns waves churn mind churns crowd churns market churn dairy churns icescream churns butter churns wheels churn round in a circle churning up and down water vortex churns the boat in the moat churning w/ crocodiles chewing each other legs churn blood churns


tres bass

imperfect parallel motion

the force of two geese flying low over the freeway
imperfect parallel motion

perpendicular to cars
northwest face

humble human notes it,
wonders how to save the grizzly

to let him be ferocious
in his own time

oh give me that old spring thaw

thoroughfares and time thieves
worshipped an artful image hung on the body
who has time for that?
misunderstood artifice
not part of life
but part of edificios
and fashion shows
and then it expresses itself in many forms
holding a lion’s nap in my lap
and never moving beyond the bubble
– it makes crazy angles and constellations
spinning and spinning and curlicues

edge of the melt

edge of the melt

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