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if nothing was allowed to be rented on accident
we’d get all our minutes back until we were born alone
I see you in the distance
running after something in the distance
it’s waving goodbye at you
you’ll never be happy
until the mountain is in your lap
and it fellates poems for you
we’ll still imagine we see
our names written in the cracks of the dirt
it is possible
for a boy and a girl to pass bubbles by the tongue –
an exchange of fluids
with less risk
than being struck by lightning in the foot
magic dreams in another language
one of them dreams
can’t stop making up words
or having one word on repeat, like tokens
you whisper it at candles to blow them out

-WC Tank

making a spark

a picture of a bell
that rings
telling the facts to move 
remember when your dad peeled an orange for you? 
she cut off all grown hair and pressed against a mirror
it was her experiment in examining emotional depth
and a desire to prove her worth
out of a tradition-based society
so free it was almost good the female version
of “women are to be looked at”
she crossed it out and wrote “women are to be assigned destructivity” only vast can solve sad
only reaching to scream
without an inhale to draw from

-WC Tank

Approved Slogans for Abandoned Organizations

it’s an important part of forgetting…
We were on the edge of something to break off from
Someday somebody is going to call us out
The hand-through-window stand-still
It wasn’t a terrible waste of time
Favorite colors overlapping a finite game within a theoretical map
The unintended ending spent regenerating
an independent sense of a pensive intuition
The first position given a permanent mention of mimic

-WC Tank

Flight Mechanics Unwound: Side A: Seakn - a big band remix

spring dream

limitless existence metafixed tricksters in trees torching horizons with films up in flames and all the red-walled armistices fell down around me, crumbled like the dirt on the shoes that flapped in the gravity pull on feet, bleeding, but stubborn and stuck in a step you cant stop, centrifugal force and self taught brought a mostly thawed chunk of gurge, wants to be purged despite sunshine and smiling laughing, someone reflects and is distressed, what a mess.

did the cake make itself or was it conceived in minddreams then was mindifested accidentally on purpose? the door was a door that opened both ways on hinges, you could push through it and go back and forth and there were no locks, this created issues in that the room got really crowded because the smells from inside were so good, the light was so warm and the sounds were so friendly …



Herbage: Apache plume (Fallugia paradoxa), at Walnut Canyon National Monument
(via fatchance:)


Herbage: Apache plume (Fallugia paradoxa), at Walnut Canyon National Monument

(via fatchance:)

Perhaps all pleasure is only relief.
- William S. Burroughs (via penseesduchoeur)

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what if


saturated gmo waves of grain

still feel soft to the touch

and obey the wind’s wishes.

won’t hollow souls follow whispers


quickened vibrations make us want

to get more stuff done faster?


ester ester ester ester ester, a halicomb glowing helix.

strength on hillside. found weakness and world caved on corner. covered in slush, heavy-handed, the one fingered fists raised up. Seventy percent of fresh water lay in refuge. lucigen lucifers saddled every satellite, saying fuck you…