language related to art related to music related to nature related to love related to the collective unconscious related to the garden of souls and flowers related to this


move through wife minus Her negation, aimed toward elation, aviation of the soulbody, mindbody in solitude with Odin.
remember the living poverty of Cavehole, wooed by cost, all but free to the point of despotism.
move down legs, intangibly pregnant with potential freeloading energy slaves taking nations of fate like parachutist freeforalls, mass brawl style
cold sweat pulses algorithmic masculinity, caps bursting in personality, each day another flame burns
friendship love singing suddenly saying things your mom once internalized with you in the womb
sensitive insomnias of love withheld advancing in life through portals at the tops of climbs sitting you invisible with me painting pre-drawn sonnets into the white of the window, footsteps into invisible virgin snow.

Let’s move on brother, but no really let’s move on sister, beyond internalized segue beyond the timings of sold ancestry, beyond the thoughts beyond the thoughts, this exercise of belief never got over anything, this multidimensional poem withheld, like the gold within, let it gleam beyond the dreams. Riding the kaleidoscope every time you drive with your eyes closed always at your best when you yell, years i have waited to stagger over quietude.

stretch my brain, allowing embassies to be released between the divots
symbols used to explain the disguise one’s fate to wife
Archived fragments of our infinite existences give safety to woo. 
and I love living in a hole beneath a cave of free-hand free-thinkers.

-from the etymology of love