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absolutely nothing

how do you like that. the exact answer anyway, was just what the birds were seeking. water, wood, fire, metal, earth. third-degree triplicity crossed my guard and found goddess, right next to chicken bones and dumpster diving harlequin romance novel hoarders, heaving hormones, building collections of recycled throbbing trash to imbibe like Twinkies and People magazines. get out, find a lifeboat, make your whole life shrink to a houseboat, on Amstel River in Amsterdam, writing writing, hanging feet in the water, ashing your spliff off the side, a little fish jumps and nips at it, no paper anything you are writing onscreen, typing with your thumbs on a pda, cell phone novels, minimal trash living with less is more, you read everything downloaded on your thimble of a kindle and wear it wrapped around your waist tied with an invisible inkstain. reel it in for a pisces expedition downtown to the coffee shop of your tulip jeweled van gogh dreams, it seems the sky’s the ground you look around and now you’re on a unicycle, riding to the library, returning the dvds you watched, 12 hrs worth, nonstop, your eyes dry and gritty. filed the review with satan in the morning…