language related to art related to music related to nature related to love related to the collective unconscious related to the garden of souls and flowers related to this


knowledge health
cleft in shifts
the fallout fell into a dusty heap
we brushed into the plants for food
miracle eyeshine flowback
desirous dream fixerupper click
connectivity riding walruses to
edible softness
in love and other fixities
trauma sundown

overglow song fade
the opus of loss rang
like calypso beach memoir
remember remember
a laugh to the throat
a jailer releases prisoners
youngish tongues tangle
words sprout unbidden
from hidden heavens
where you lived

once before sidewalks
names and face come back
i touch then recede
thanks for the song titles
dessert and a smile
as trees bend
winds ride waves
of change and clanging
bells tell the resonance
of emotion that i cannot