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tryin’ still

cuando la luna está llena
me siento a la cena
no está buena pero i feel arena
under my feet. at a time in my life
i tried to be beat but had to stand
up, getting off the floor
with the head some might cheat
to feel free inside, I take it
in stride and don’t look back jack!
a man coughs from our cigarette
and in my pocket a warm leatherette
check it, intently my bachelorette
and come to expect what you fret
don’t regret you make it hard to forget
my days of old everything is new again
finnegan begin again and within my
psyche i likey
to play like children do, tossin sand
absorbing command: then we learn!
it’s to be uniformity, prefer
synchronicity, still…play play play
no work for me like a lil’ chitlin
and i’m tryin’ to fit in…to the
salad we call amerika to the soup we
called iberica when girlinas chat
all sudden feel i know where it’s at
befriending a  cat, and all that – but still,
still, meow meow hello kitty
and aren’t you pretty like the light of the
moon, and a spoon jumped over
your loony ass, straddling a sass
got some class, it all comes happy clear
you’re near, you’re actually here

-jota & vivi